Current home owners and those planning to build a family home. This is a Domestic Biogas Septic System you can use, instead of the conventional septic system. Its easy to install. All the equipment you see in the diagram comes with it, including the Multipurpose Biogas Dryer.
Biogas is produced from the human waste and organic food waste. When you use the toilet and shower, the waste goes into the Biogas Septic tanks. Food waste from the kitchen can go through the sinks.
The biogas tanks operating under anaerobic conditions, convert waste into biogas which is predominantly 60% methane. This gas can be used for cooking, lighting and power generation. The other use of the gas is to drying agricultural commodities such as cocoa, coffee, vanilla etc using the Multipurpose Biogas Dryer.
The system comes with a biogas power generator which generates 6kw of power per day. The unit produces more gas for cooking so it can be used in gas ovens for baking.
For more information, please inbox me. This is a Take PNG Back initiative.
Source: FB