WE ACKNOWLEDGE THE FOUR LAWS RULING LIVES operates according to the spiritual laws and natural laws that are captured in Customary Laws,

Positive Laws of modern peoples within nation-states in Melanesia should now consider two basic laws and one operational laws that already existed and in operation in Melanesia today.

Storylines that to be documented contains the Spiritual Laws and at some extend the Natural Laws. Both Spiritual and Natural Laws become the basis for Customary Laws.

Positive Laws as we know it today, or modern nation-state laws are regulated by encapsulating the Customary Laws. However, most of Positive Laws undermine the Spiritual and Natural Laws.

Both Spiritual Laws and Natural Laws are universal, however, Customary Laws are specifically designed by concerned parties inside a family, clan or ethnic group to rule their lives in accordance with both Spiritual and Natural Laws that are contextual to the geographical, social and natural environments.

Follow the Laws of the Nature

Follow the Laws of the Nature
 means thinking and acting according to the natural needs, roles and functions of life.

Follow the Laws of the Nature

upholds the primary ruling order of “balance” in and for life.

Economic benefits for human beings become totally undermined when “balance” rules human lives.

Exploration and exploitation of resources will be automatically redefined and reframed.

This is the law on the spirit beings and they operate, in order to help us humans know, learn and adapt to these laws.

Basic Principles of the Laws of the Nature

The primary and important nature of the law of the nature is “balance” that produces “harmony” and harmonious living that displays joy in life, i.e, simple joy.

Human beings who think and declare ourselves as nature lovers, environmental activists, naturalists, conservationists, and so on, should first subdue ourselves to this very law of the nature. “Balance” in all aspects of life and with all communities of beings is the key to justice, and justice is the key to peace, and peace is the gateway into life in full-ness: full of love, full of blessings, full of energy to be shared among all societies of beings.

Living in a “balanced life” is living in harmony with one self and with each other, which is living according to the law of the nature.

The law of the nature is giving and sharing, not seeking to accumulate; not saving and capitalizing based on individual needs and personal satisfaction. And therefore, life is based on giving and sharing, not by taking, and saving.

Human beings should learn and obey the reality that by nature, humans are social being, and not individual “selves” in isolation that should be developed to achieve the personal ‘self-realizations’. Accepting the “self” as individual undermines the reality that the whole existence and life that is inter-connected and inter-dependent as a society of beings. Life is not in isolation from one another but rather in connection with one another.

Therefore, existence in isolation equals to death, and existence in connection means life.

The law of the nature is not about what is right and what is wrong, nor about what is rational and what is not arguable. It is about what makes life in harmony and joyful.

The law of the nature has nothing to do with anthropocentrism, human economy or politics; but always in connection with the whole ecology and ecosystem of beings.

In short, human beings are invited to get in tune with the nerve and vibration of the overall living system; all human needs should now take into account the consequences to and impacts on their communities of beings, in seeking the ‘balance’, that will produce harmony, that will display joy of life; not in seeking human pleasures, human needs and human wants

Most of the Melanesian countries (1) West Papua; (2) Papua New Guinea, (3) Bougainville, (4) Solomon Islands, (5) Fiji, (6) Vanuatu and (7) Kanaky differing views and treatments to the Customary Laws.

Therefore, it is important to codify and legalize Customary Laws into Positive Laws.

Follow the Laws of the Nature means human stands behind the natural law of “balance” in life.

The Law of the Nature is the Mother of all Laws that rule life. Follow the Natural Law means follow all laws of life and living.