Bernard Narokobi and Melanesian Philosophy

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Celebrate Birth, Live Well, Love Well, Have Something Good for Every Person, and Die a Happy Death! 

– Wewo Kotokay – Bernard Narokobi

Across Melanesia, we are here to explore and document many storylines across the families, clans and ethic groups, islands and villages in Melanesia.

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Melanesians families, clans and tribes anticipate and welcome new birth by celebrating and giving names, giving presents to mothers and her family members.

“Live well”, means live according to the way our ancestors live, simple joy, and everything comes from local places, where we are born and where we will die.

Love rules over love, love to families, friends, clans and extended communities.

Express “love” equally with smile and shout, with praise and anger, in totally, equally, proportionately.

Life is not based upon accumulation of wealth, but distribution of it. 
Happiness does not reign on accumulation of goods, but by sharing of what we have and of our own lives.

Everyone should be happy and anticipate their death.

This can only be achieved by fulfilling all things that we are supposed to fulfill in this life, doing most of whatever reasons that made us come to this life.

Melanesians accept death as separation, and yet at the same time treat death as expansion of being and extension of the self that every life should face.