Our Living Slogan


We are natural beings, we are one of the natural communities of beings, who partly form and live according to the jurisprudence of the nature . 

Following the laws of the nature is our human natural way of life, because otherwise the nature maintains her laws. 

That is why modern human beings today need to re-learn to obey these laws in order to leave this planet earth a habitable planet and in order to have sustainable living today. 

When human beings break the law of the nature, then the nature automatically and organically upholds the supremacy of the laws of the natural by “checking” and “balancing” the interrelations and interconnections among the communities  beings. 

Life originates from Nature, regenerates in Nature and Ends in Nature.

Follow the Laws of the Nature means acknowledging the reality that this life fully nurtured and sustained by the Earth.

The Laws of the Nature balances out the imbalances in this life, naturally-continuously. The balancing acts of the Nature cannot be avoided by anything or anyone.

The judgment based on the Laws of Nature is just for every being individually and collectively..

The Melanesian Way is the thinking and actions according to the Laws of the Nature, by considering the threats and benefits to collective communities of beings.